In partnership with GenetiConcept™, our new all-in one DNA testing service is out now : health, fitness, skin, wellness and drug response !
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This service includes :

  • Fitness DNA Testing : Training and nutrition reports
  • Health DNA Testing : +100 health reports
  • Phamacogenetics testing : +120 drug response reports
  • Skin DNA Testing : Skin beauty reports
  • Wellness DNA Testing : Brain pathways reports
  • Uninterpreted raw data file with +1million SNPs tested.

Worldwide shipping$99

  • 1 DNA saliva collection kit
  • 1 Online access to your results on our partner's website
  • Unlimited Long term analysis of your DNA
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  • 1 Return packaging
  • Order details:
    - We dispatch your kit(s) within 24hours (business days only).
    - Usually it takes 3-5 business days to receive the kit(s).
    - Expect results 6-8 weeks after we receive your sample.
    - Shipping and processing times may vary due to high volume.
    - Return shipping label is not included ! The sample is very small so you could simply send back your sample to us via a letter size label.

If you have already been genotyped by 23andMe, you can also get your AnabolicGenes All-in one service.

  1. Step 1 : Chose your currency below and place your order
  2. Step 2 : Connect to your 23andMe account and download
    the 'raw data' file. Then send us this file here : (100% secure server)
  3. Step 3 : Allow us 6-12hours to setup your account on our new online results interface (available here).
    Then, you will receive a password via email in order to access your reports.

23andMe interpretation $96


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  • Lab : 2749 East Parleys Way Suite 100,Salt Lake City, UT, 84109, USA

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About us

The world of fitness guidance & nutrition is extremely complex. Food tendencies which were vilified one-day are "super-foods" the next day; or the working-out trend of the moment regularly disappears just as fast as it appeared. That is our mission to use our strong scientific knowledge to help determine what would be the best way for you to get shredded, muscular, fit and consume the right nutrients to stay healthy on an exceptional and truly personal degree of recommendations, using one simple theory which is : "you're unique". Since we started in 2015, we now have taken innovative technology out of the lab; into the hands of 10.000 of individuals as a way to help them better understand how their DNA impact their response to nutrition & training.